Monday, September 1, 2008

Hot Cakes

Today’s food post cancelled due to excessive heat.

It was 86 and very humid and sunny, so it felt like 93 according to the local weather people.

My son Sam just had his first day at nursery school (幼稚園), and here’s a picture of him being excessively cute in his little uniform. Come on, say it with me, “awwww!”

He had a good time, handled well the fact that nobody spoke any English and he’s been avoiding actually speaking much Japanese for a while, and generally dealt with it like a trooper. This is especially big, I think, because the school year here starts in April, so all the other kids in his class know each other, and he’s the new kid, and he’s funny-looking (blond, blue-eyed, totally not Japanese, you know), so it can’t have been easy.


I took him for cake. I’d spotted a place around the corner that looked good, and he got all excited about it, and then it turns out it’s way fancy and quite expensive. This cake cost 460¥, which is $4.25 or so. Since it’s about 2" square, that’s a lot!

But it was really good. Note that the layers of icing in between the layers of genoise are full of fine slices of strawberry.

Sam picked it out himself, and I think it was a good choice. One thing I know for sure: he snarfed it down pretty quick!

Next post, food again.

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