Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Terror Sushi!

{offstage knocking}

Nakagawa: Come in!
Oumu: Hello! You are Mr. Nakagawa, owner and proprietor of the Whizzo Makizushi Company?
Nakagawa: I am.
Oumu: Right! I am Inspector Oumu, and this is Constable Yinkaku. We’re from the Hygiene Squad, and we’d like to have a talk with you about this box of your sushi called the Whizzo Quality Assortment.
Nakagawa: Oh yes?
Oumu: Now what’s this one, then? It appears to be a squodgy egg surrounded with unidentifiable vegetable bits, rice, and then ... is that pound cake?
Nakagawa: Ah, that’s one of our specialities! Egg Cake Surprise! You bite into a nice egg-covered thing, and discover dessert and dinner rolled into one!
Oumu: I think it would be more appropriate if the box bore a big red label, “Warning: Pound Cake!” And what’s this one... ah yes, Crunchy Frog. What sort of makizushi is that?

{... ad nauseam}

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