Friday, February 13, 2009

Feelthy Peectures

Okay, those who are easily shocked, or remotely prudish, please don't read this.

It has nothing to do with food.

It's tacky.

Nothing whatsoever to do with food.

And REEEAALLLY tacky. As in sleazy.

But I couldn't resist.

No, really, this is not family viewing.

Please, just skip, okay?

Still here?


So as you know, I recently went to Lotteria with the crew and had burgers.

Now across the street was a place that sells really cheap, junky clothing, including some kids' clothing, and we figured we might be able to pick up some stuff for our rotten daughter Maia who refuses to stop growing out of things, the little pig.

I was, predictably, bored senseless.

The place is geared for women, so there's nothing for me to do, and the toy selection was so awful that even Sam wasn't deterred for long.

But, because of Lotteria, I had my camera.

And I spotted some tacky things.

First of all, the lingerie display:
Isn't that elegant? I knew you would. Here's an up close and, um, personal:
I'm particularly impressed by the brown fuzzy bra on the far side.

WARNING -- my blog entry gets ugly at this point!

And then I thought, okay, there must be some really dreadful Japanglish T-shirts for kids, right? There were, but my eye was caught by the dreadful Japanglish underpants for little boys.
Here's one:
Be careful where you stick it out!

And another:
Where are you, Michael Jackson?

See, I told you it was tacky.

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